Relentless Learner
Curiosity fuels my never-ending quest for knowledge. I'm always exploring new techniques, tools, and perspectives.
Team Player · Natural Leader
Working with others, solving problems, and building strong relationships are how I enjoy to work. I quickly earn trust, and I build up those around me so we can all succeed.
Detail Oriented · Clean Code
Writing well organized and performant code is a top priority. Choose the hard path now, to make tomorrow easier.

First, solve the problem then write the code

Who I Am + Soft Skills

Let Me Show You A Little Bit About Me

Everyone has their own set of skills, outlook on life, and personality. It's the sum of these things together create the individual.

Key Strengths:

Detail Oriented

Keen Eye for Spotting Small Details.

A (healthy) dose of obsession over alignment and balance, user interface consistency, and spotting the areas that need more thought in a UI.

I have the ability to zero in on the little things that bring an application from good to great; from color palettes to typography, animation speed and 'feel' to spacing and layout.

Curious and Self-Motivated

Insatiable Desire To Learn and Improve.

I have the attitude of a student, and am humble and eager to learn. I'm always looking to improve my skills and knowledge, and I'm not afraid to ask questions.

I always welcome feedback - even if it's a criticism - as it's truly the only way to improve and level up.