A full-stack application that brings together the people wanting to find a place to volunteer at that they care about, and the companies and organizations that have a hard time finding volunteers that are passionate about their cause.

Personal Achievments On This Project

  • Utilized layouts and nested React components to quickly develop the framework for the project, leveraging useState, useContext, useEffect, and Props to build functionality.
  • Developed complex Mongoose.js schemas using Dynamic References to enable simple user sign-up regardless of user type, and used the Populate function to query the database across multiple records, to support efficient data storage, retrieval and data validation in a MongoDB database.
  • Leading as scrum master and product owner, I successfully addressed inter-team conflicts and work style differences effectively and sensitively, maintaining momentum for the team.
  • Created a full stack E2E web app in tandem with fast-paced learning and development requirements, while staying up-beat and contributing greatly to my team's culture and morale.
  • Resolved complex merge conflicts while teaching and supporting my team members.
  • Taught my team to use Git, including merging, rebasing, forking, cloning, and submitting pull-requests.

Tech Stack


React JavaScript Vite.js React-Router Material UI UI Ball Loading Animations CSS HTML


Node.js JavaScript Express.js MongoDB Mongoose.js Passport.js Bcrypt Git

Some Screenshots

Connect Cause Landing Page Screenshot Connect Cause Login and Signup Page Screenshot